Admission to NOI Techpark

All businesses wishing to join NOI Techpark and benefit from the inspiration drawn from this innovation centre, the exchange of knowledge, the specific services and support, the labs, workshops and conference rooms while being right in the heart of where research is conducted, can lease technology park property for predefined periods of time.

The aim is to maintain NOI Techpark’s underlying strategic goal of boosting technology transfer between researchers and entrepreneurs and fostering South Tyrol’s competitiveness. As a consequence, all companies wishing to come to the technology park have to meet the admission criteria set out by South Tyrol’s government.

Regulations and details

A commission set up by BLS decides on whether or not admission should be granted for applicant companies. If the applicant meets all requirements, the company can move into the commercial space available and use a range of services provided.

The standard length of contract for the lease is three years and can be extended for another two years. The first year is considered as a trial period. If the company does not pursue the activities agreed on, the contract can be terminated.

Lease costs are graded and include various service packages.

Applications, contacts and downloads

Download the form to apply for admission to NOI Techpark here: FORM

If you have any questions about NOI Techpark applications and admissions, please contact:

Armin Ragginer
Phone +39 0471 094 249