Developments at NOI Techpark

NOI Techpark has been designed to allow for growth and expansion. True to its underlying concept of “Nature of Innovation“, NOI Techpark wants to expand naturally, change and grow and form new shoots and branches. That is why most of the land belonging to the NOI site is available for non-public development projects.

BLS is the lead contractor and manager of the site and holds the surface rights (the South Tyrol Oberflächenrecht). South Tyrol’s government commissioned BLS to select non-public property developers in line with the applicable land-use and development concept. All property developers have to meet the same admission criteria as companies applying for NOI Techpark tenancies.

Non-public property developers at NOI Techpark

The undeveloped lots at the NOI Techpark site are available for various types of development projects.
A company may choose to develop a lot for exclusive use by the developing company itself. An alternative option would be for companies to develop a lot at NOI Techpark for exclusive use by the company itself, but with the aim of renting out all unused commercial space to a third party.

Another option is open for investors: investors may choose to develop a lot, yet not for themselves, but for other users or companies – these users, however, need to meet all admission criteria for NOI Techpark.

There are three phases to all non-public developer selection processes:


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