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NOI Techpark Is Waiting for You

What a great opportunity is it for a company to have first-class researchers from the most renowned universities and institutes right next door? To be able to talk to fellow experts from the same line of business during lunch? To have full access to a pool of young talents and highly skilled professionals? At NOI Techpark, businesses and start-ups from South Tyrol, Italy and abroad find a wide range of labs, services and infrastructure and have full access to all the know-how in the NOI network.

How to get your business to NOI Techpark – admission and development

There are several options for companies that wish to become a part of the NOI Techpark Südtirol/Alto Adige: You can either lease some of the existing commercial property (admission) or use designated lots to develop your own construction projects (development).

No matter which option you choose: By deciding to become a part of NOI Techpark, you commit yourselves to NOI’s strategic goal of enabling better technology transfer between the business and the research world, thus fostering South Tyrol’s innovation capacity and competitiveness. All NOI Techpark businesses thus need to meet certain criteria.

For all businesses wishing to lease or develop their own construction projects, BLS acts as a point of contact and contractual partner and provides support when you first become a part of the NOI Techpark. As the park manager, BLS is responsible for facility management and infrastructure (e.g. IT services and seminar facilities).

NOI Techpark has its own business incubator designed for new businesses and start-up companies and managed by IDM Südtirol – Alto Adige, the operator of the Techpark. IDM is responsible for rendering innovation services to all companies and institutes in the technology park (e.g. when trying to find partners or raise funding) and providing business and industry-specific as well as technical solutions (e.g. market research, product development, technology transfer). Get in touch with IDM Südtirol – Alto Adige here.

NOI Techpark is …

Commercial space available

As set out in NOI Techpark’s development concept, the government of South Tyrol will commission BLS to develop parts of the overall land available on the site. Among other developments, BLS will be responsible for the construction of the park’s central zone with the central-zone buildings and the Black Monolith as well as D1, the first expansion module.

Parts of these facilities will be occupied by IDM Südtirol – Alto Adige and its business incubator, the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano, the European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano (EURAC), the Fraunhofer Italia Institute and the KlimaHaus agency. These institutes and organisations will not only do research in the NOI Techpark laboratories, but also act as partners for the businesses located in the technology park, enabling a fruitful transfer of knowledge and innovation beneficial for researchers and entrepreneurs alike.

The remaining unoccupied rooms and commercial space in the public NOI Techpark modules are available for lease to companies and start-ups, which, if they meet the technology park’s admission requirements, can make full use of the park’s services.

Seeing as NOI Techpark is to be designed in a modular fashion, there is plenty of room for growth: the undeveloped land is available for development projects of companies wishing to relocate to the technology park or for investor construction projects.

Admission criteria

In order to maintain NOI Techpark’s general development strategy, all companies and institutions working at the technology park are required to meet certain criteria. Company selection is carried out by a commission set up by BLS, which is responsible for property management and owns the park’s existing buildings.

It is vital for a company applying for a NOI Techpark lot to be active in research and development. In addition, the following criteria apply:

Business activity
Sustainability and potential
Degree of innovation
Reputation and potential of the management team
Impact on location and industry

NOI Techpark accepts all companies that are active in fields matching the technology park’s development strategy. NOI positions itself as “Nature of Innovation” and is thus looking for companies that boost innovation as well as research and development and, most preferably, are active in one of South Tyrol’s fields of excellence (Alpine technology, green technology, food technology, ICT and automation) in accordance with South Tyrol’s multi-year plan on research and innovation as well as South Tyrol’s Smart Specialisation Strategy.

The business strategies of all applicant companies as well as their business and financial plans have to be sustainable in the medium and the long run. In addition, all companies must show sufficient potential for further growth and hand in a full and feasible business plan.

Several factors will be assessed to determine an applicant’s innovative strength (which may refer to either a company’s products and services or its processes or business model): Does the company run any research or development projects? Where did the company conduct its R&D activities in the past? Does the company workforce show a high degree of scientific and/or technical skills and qualifications?

One of the key criteria for admission is the applying company’s capacity to contribute to NOI Techpark’s growth and its innovative strength. To meet this goal, the level of know-how among executives and managers will be assessed in order to evaluate whether or not the company’s leadership has the experience and potential required to manage operations and projects.

One of the more pragmatic criteria for admission is how beneficial the company can be for the business location itself. Will the company’s innovation projects potentially translate into production and marketing of products and services? Will there be new jobs for highly qualified professionals? Will it contribute to overall growth in its line of business and offer new opportunities for cooperation with other organizations in South Tyrol?