NOI Techpark Construction Work under Way

The NOI Techpark Südtirol/Alto Adige construction project is a gradual development consisting of various planning and construction phases. Some of the land on the site is developed by BLS, while the remaining space is available for non-public development initiatives.


During the first phase from 2015 to 2018, BLS, as a lead contractor commissioned by South Tyrol’s government, builds/restores the central zone on the site: entrance area and park, the two central-zone buildings (the two historic, protected buildings formerly housing the power transformers), a new building known as the Black Monolith as well as the first expansion module which will become the home of the first few companies to lease commercial space at the park and provide room for a specialised climate simulator lab.

The NOI Techpark project has been designed in a way as to leave plenty of space for future development: several other construction phases are to follow during the next couple of years during which other lots on the site can be developed and/or reshaped, preferably by non-public parties. The first part of the technology park, which will initially be home to IDM, the park’s operator, several research institutes, the Bolzano University and a business incubator, will start operations in late 2017.

Sustainability is one of the key goals of this development project: South Tyrol’s technology park is almost 100% climate-neutral. All new buildings have to meet the European standard for “Nearly Zero Energy Buildings” as well as the local KlimaHaus standards in order to be awarded certification. In addition, NOI Techpark as a whole meets the international LEED standard (short for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Central Building 1, Black Monolith and Park
Central Building 2
Laboratory Building “D” with Specialised Climate Simulator Lab
Speedline Building

When you first enter NOI Techpark through the main gate, Central Building 1 is a stunning view to take in. The front of the Bauhaus-style building formerly housing the works’ power transformers has been restored with great attention to detail. The inside of the building has been stripped to the core and is now being fitted with new offices, labs, workshops and community areas.

A recent addition to Central Building 1 is equally impressive and, most fittingly, goes by the name of Black Monolith. The compact building known as the “reclining giant” was designed by Chapman Taylor (Milano) und CL&AA Claudio Lucchin & architetti associati (Bolzano) and symbolises the park’s pursuit of innovation. Its geometry is an expression of strict rationalism, while the black façade made of aluminium foam is reminiscent of the site’s evolution over time.

Along with the two central-zone buildings, the large park near the main gate of NOI Techpark is being designed. The Techpark’s “green lung” is not only open to technology park staff but to the public, and it offers plenty of space for events and performances while also featuring recreation areas and a fully equipped outdoor workspace.

All food service facilities are part of the initial phase of construction, too: When NOI Techpark opens in the autumn of 2017, users will find an on-site restaurant, a lounge café to relax and work at as well as a shop offering natural products from South Tyrol. The building at the main gate hosts an information point for everyone interested. Moreover, during the first phase of construction, a day-care facility will be set up in the main-gate building that can be used by technology park staff and employees of nearby companies. The first phase of development will also see the construction of the underground car park.

At a glance

  • Construction volume: 59,000 m³ (Central Building 1), 56,000 m³ (Black Monolith), 4,000 m³ (Day-care & Information Point)
  • Start of construction: 30 March 2015
  • End of construction: Autumn 2017
  • Construction costs: €29.97 million
  • Planning: Chapman Taylor (MI) with Studio Lucchin (BZ), Cattacin (BZ) and Specialist Planners Bergmeister (BZ), Manens (VE)
  • Construction work carried out by: Volcan with Bettiol, Metall Ritten, Damiani Holz&Ko

The erstwhile power transformer building “Bolzano 2” – the younger, yet identical twin of the first transformer building – will form a separate construction lot and will be turned into NOI Techpark’s Central Building 2. Once the building has been stripped to its core, the new interior made of glass, wood and steel will house labs, conference rooms and offices offering plenty of space for research, exchange and inspiration.

At a glance

  • Construction volume: 57,000 m³
  • Start of construction: 16 February 2016
  • End of construction: End of 2017
  • Construction costs: €16.38 million
  • Planning: Chapman Taylor (MI) with Studio Lucchin (BZ), Cattacin (BZ) and Specialist Planners Bergmeister (BZ), Manens (VE)
  • Construction work carried out by: Bettiol and Lares Restauri

The first expansion module to NOI Techpark will be built right during the first phase of construction and will neatly fit together with the Black Monolith like another piece of the same jigsaw puzzle. Once construction of Laboratory Building D is complete, it will be home to research institutes, non-public companies as well as public training facilities: Companies such as South Tyrol‘s Senfter Holding AG and the internationally active, renowned Maccaferri SpA based in Bologna as well as 15 other enterprises will relocate their research and development business to this building.

A unique, international top-notch lab will form the heart of this module: the Extreme Environment Simulator. This climate lab of the European Academy EURAC will allow for material and process testing in extreme climate conditions and thus be of great interest for researchers and companies from various different industries: it will be possible to test the durability of food, the resilience of sports equipment as well as assess how well building façade elements respond to adverse weather conditions. The module and the lab will start operations in late 2018.

At a glance

  • Construction volume: 35,000 m³
  • Start of construction: Expected for 2017
  • End of construction: Expected for 2018
  • Construction costs: €14.99 million (+ approx. €4.13 million for the specialised climate simulator lab)
  • Planning: Simmerle with Studios Baubüro, Psenner B., Industrieteam, Glass Facade Engineering

During the initial phase of construction at South Tyrol’s technology park, a building formerly part of the Speedline company premises will be restored. The building is located to the south of the Techpark site (while the central-zone buildings are located in the north) and will be used for temporary public and non-public labs once restoration work is complete. The Free University of Bozen/Bolzano’s Agricultural Science Faculty, for example, will use a wind tunnel there and conduct engine and stability tests for agricultural machinery.

At a glance

  • Start of construction: August 2016
  • End of construction: December 2016
  • Construction costs: €700,000
  • Planning:[tec] Vahrn